Poll: Obama Should Go as Superman for Halloween

President Obama is a superhero to many who think he should dress as Superman for Halloween.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The nation might be divided on elements of his agenda, but when asked who President Obama should go as for Halloween, our latest Washington Whispers poll is clear: Superman. Some 38 percent in our Synovate eNation poll said that the prez is still their man of iron and should wear the cape and tights trick-or-treating with his two daughters.

But for proof about the division in the country, the second choice wasn't any superhero. Just over 27 percent chose the hapless Charlie Brown as the most fitting costume for the president. Still, the rest of the choices weren't so bad for Obama. Some 19 percent see him dressed as the thoughtful Albert Einstein; 9 percent as Bill Clinton, the Comeback Kid; and 7 percent as TV superdoctor Derek Shepherd, a bow to his healthcare agenda.

With two young daughters, President Obama might be seen out trick-or-treating with them on Halloween. Which of the following costumes fits your view of the president?

  • Confident Superman: 38%
  • Hapless Charlie Brown: 27%
  • Thoughtful Albert Einstein: 19%
  • Comeback Kid Bill Clinton: 9%
  • TV Dr. Derek Shepherd: 7%
  • Source: The Synovate eNation Internet poll was conducted October 1-5 among 1,000 nationally representative households by global market research firm Synovate.

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