Just Four Months In, Obama Starts Graying

The presidency is tough on men's hair, but Barack Obama is graying faster than most.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Everyone knows that with rare exceptions—like Ronald Reagan—the pressures and stress of the presidency turn hair gray over time. But in just four months, and pushed to the limit by the economy, a Supreme Court vacancy, the war in Afghanistan, and healthcare reform, President Obama started turning from Ebony cover boy to Grecian Formula model. A Washington Whispers month-by-month review of the first man's mane finds that his handsome black locks started graying up in May and have now become a distinctive marbling of gray and black. Our photo department reviewed dozens of images over the president's first nine months in office for similar poses and lighting and found his graying gets more and more pronounced in parallel with the huge tasks the Oval Office boss has faced. (Of course, depending on the lighting and the day, the gray could be more pronounced.)

When he started to gray up in May, Obama had been through the auto and Wall Street bailouts, had seen victory for the stimulus package, and was dealing with the Sonia Sotomayor nomination, the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and his push for healthcare reform. But from then to now, the successes haven't been as easy to grab, and he's going into an unsettled period where he will have to come to a decision on troop levels in Afghanistan, keep or dump the Bush tax cuts, promote a new jobs stimulus, and compromise on healthcare reform.

But, hey, while his hair color is maturing, at least his hairline is putting up a good battle to stay put.

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