Wine Does the Trick for George H.W. Bush

Bush 41 says wine has played an increasingly important role in American society.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

We've discovered a link between former Presidents Jefferson and George H. W. Bush: vino. In previewing the new Culture of Wine exhibit at his library and museum in College Station, Texas, the 41st president tells Whispers: "It is a little known historical fact that just as wine has played an increasingly important role in American society since Thomas Jefferson dared dream that one day his country might produce varietals and vintages equal to those found elsewhere, wine has also played a crucial role in the life of the Bush family." One example: In 1997, over dinner, 41 revealed to wife Barbara his plans for a parachute jump. "Her sharply opinionated reaction, at first, momentarily called into question whether such a jump might actually happen," Bush tells our Suzi Parker. "But then, at that critical moment, I offered her a glass of dry white wine, changed the subject, and the rest, well, is history."

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