Town Hall Crowds Get the Starbucks Treatment

Starbucks has brought the summer's angry town hall meetings into a new ad for its instant coffee.

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By Robert Schlesinger, Washington Whispers

One sign that something has hit the cultural mainstream is that it starts showing up in television commercials. This summer's angry town hall protestors have now gone from curiosity and political movement right into the cultural oeuvre of advertising. A new Starbucks commercial brags that coffee drinkers can't taste the difference between their regular, fresh-brewed coffee and their new instant variety, VIA.

The ad goes on to say that they tested the new java on a host of different people, from nurses to Civil War re-enactors to "people who yell at town hall meetings." Cue a shot of someone standing up and angrily yelling, "I can't taste the difference!" Now all we need is for a Starbucks competitor to counter with an ad themed "You lie!"

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