Steven Chu Works to Save Energy

The Energy Secretary has saved roughly $100 a month on his personal energy bill.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

Just call Steven Chu the Secretary of Saving Energy. The energy boss spent some of his vacation researching ways to conserve electricity. "I spent four or five days on vacation this summer looking into ways to decrease energy use in my home," says Chu. "So far, we've saved roughly $100 a month." Hoping his obsession spreads, he's considering pilot programs to show homeowners how to cut energy and save money. One suggestion is a real-time electric bill, which would allow customers to see exactly how they are saving or wasting electricity in their homes. "If there's a sudden increase, it tells you what went wrong, and if there's a huge load, you can tell your son or daughter to turn off the video game," Chu says. "So you see a real time display."

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