Michael Moore Responds to Critics of His Filmmaking Style

Moore's new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, Debuts Friday.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

Throughout his 20-year career as a documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore has often been criticized for oversimplifying complex topics and pulling at moviegoers' heartstrings. And according to Moore, he's guilty as charged. "I'm about winning right now," the filmmaker said today while addressing students at George Washington University. When a student asked if Capitalism: A Love Story, his new film that debuts Friday, oversimplified capitalism by labeling it "evil," Moore gave a hearty, "Yes." He went on to explain: "In my movie, if I tell you that there's a home foreclosed on every seven and a half seconds, you need to know that that's absolutely true. When Fox News says crazy things like, 'Obamacare is going to kill your grandmother,' that's how we're different."

Moore also reminded students that it's still just a movie, not a thesis or term paper. "All art is about appealing to emotion," he said.

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