Former RNC Chair: GOP Needs More Minorities to Win

Ed Gillespie says that Republicans need support from more Hispanics and African-Americans to win elections.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Politics was all shook up in 2008, and not just because an African-American won the White House for the first time. The presidential election cemented the end of the white voter majority and jarred the GOP into a race to win over minorities, especially Hispanics. Former party boss Ed Gillespie reveals that even with 54 percent of the white vote in 2000, George Bush ended up in "a dead-heat election—a tie." And Sen. John McCain lost by 7 percentage points to Obama even though he pulled in 55 percent of the white vote. "It's hard to see a path to the White House that doesn't include us getting a bigger share of the Hispanic vote than 31 percent and a bigger share of the African-American vote than 4 percent," he says, referencing the minority vote percentages that went for McCain.

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