Not a Secret Anymore: Obama's Secret Service Watch

Through what's on his wrist, President Obama helps a luxury watchmaker fight the recession.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

While most makers of luxury goods have suffered in the recession, one high-end watchmaker—Jorg Gray—can thank Barack Obama for helping it weather the downturn. The president has been wearing one of the company's watches since August 2007, when he got it as a gift from his Secret Service agents for his 46th birthday. The company says that the Secret Service originally was looking for a watch for the team, something rugged, good looking, and highly accurate. It was decided to give one to Obama so he would be wearing the same watch as his detail.

As watches go, the Secret Service version with the agency's logo on the front is pretty exclusive. It's sold only through the Secret Service store. The public, however, is buying up the $325 version—the 6500 Chronograph Commemorative Edition—that sports the date of Obama's Jan. 20, 2009, swearing-in as president.

Trevor Gnesin, president of Jorg Gray, tells our Suzi Parker that sales have helped keep the company healthy and led to the addition of 60 authorized dealers. "We have seen tremendous growth in 2009 with global interest in the 6500 and our other styles as the president continues to wear his Jorg Gray," says Gnesin.

Here are photos of the watch:

Photos provided by Jorg Gray

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