Michelle Malkin Won't Forget Her Appearance on The View

On bestselling author Michelle Malkin's book tour, her tiff with Whoopi Goldberg stands out.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

She has topped the New York Times bestseller list for six weeks now with her new Obama-bashing book Culture of Corruption, hopscotching the country doing TV and radio appearances, interviews, and book signings. But for conservative author and blogger Michelle Malkin, it was her time spent on The View that really stands out. "It was a chilly atmosphere," Malkin, in town last night to promote her book, tells Whispers. "I should have brought a sweater."

Malkin appeared on the talk show in early August and got into a short spat with cohost Whoopi Goldberg, who told the audience that Malkin believed the Obama administration was more corrupt than previous administrations. "I actually don't say that in the book," Malkin responded.

"I didn't make this up; it was just given to me," said Goldberg, as she passed the cue cards to Malkin to examine. After Malkin got off the set, Goldberg brought up the quote again on the air—referring to Malkin as "that young lady"—which prompted the author to write about the exchange on her popular blog.

Malkin tells Whispers she also tried to confront Goldberg backstage about misquoting her. "She was very nervous," Malkin says. But in the end, Malkin says she's learned a lot from this book tour. "If anything, I was shocked about how ill armed and ill prepared my critics and opponents have been," she says. "There have basically been two responses to the book: 'What about Bush? What about Bush? What about Bush?' and 'So what?' "

Watch the tiff here.

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