Malkin Cheers Mainstream Media, Disses Crist

Blogger Michelle Malkin, a former newspaper reporter, also says she'll never run for office.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

She's the sharp-tongued "it" girl of the conservative blogosphere, but Michelle Malkin doesn't have it in for everybody—even the mainstream media. "I think they are finding their way," says the author of the new book Culture of Corruption. "Now, like everyone else, they have to figure out how to earn eyeballs and earn readers and earn listeners . . . which is to respond to the marketplace." Malkin, a former newspaper reporter, tells us she never wants to make a run for office and has advice for one who is: Republican Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, competing against conservative Marco Rubio in the GOP Senate primary. She wants Crist out, dubbing him "old guard" and "a loser."

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