Colorado 'Republican Obama' Looks to Better the Real Obama

Colorado Senate candidate Ryan Frazier is dubbed the "Republican Obama" for his style.

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By Amanda Ruggeri, Washington Whispers

Ryan Frazier, the GOP candidate battling for the seat of Colorado's Sen. Michael Bennet, is young, African-American, tech-savvy, charismatic, and school smart. So it's no surprise that some have dubbed him the "Republican Obama." Watching the prez, the 31-year-old says he's learned what—and what not—to do in campaigns. "The president made a lot of promises or commitments that unfortunately, in this political reality and environment, he's not going to be able to keep," Frazier says. "For me, we're going to talk about those ideas we have, but in terms of promises or commitments, I am committed to only making promises that I know I can deliver on. And if I can't, guess what, I won't make it," he adds.

But that doesn't mean Frazier doesn't have a lot of respect for the President Obama. "We could all learn something from President Obama's campaign," he says, especially about connecting with kids through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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