Toomey Woos Pennsylvanians in Steelers Country

The Senate candidate was at the RightOnline conference.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

GOP Senate candidate Pat Toomey may have been wooing Pennsylvanians in Steelers country over the weekend, but it's the Philadelphia Eagles football team that warms his heart. "Despite the fact that I'm sitting here in Pittsburgh right now, I have to confess that I'm an Eagles fan," Toomey told Whispers at the RightOnline conference, where he was the keynote speaker Friday night. In a state where football and food mean a lot, he also admitted that he had yet to try a Primanti Bros. sandwich, considered the Pittsburgh counterpart to the world-famous Philadelphia cheese steak. "I have to say I'm not a connoisseur yet, so I will have to take the opportunity to sample some," Toomey said.

He also responded to Thursday's news that Michael Vick, who has been imprisoned for being involved in a dog-fighting operation, had signed with the Philadelphia NFL team. "I hope he can be an active spokesman and supporter for animals given what he did in the past," said Toomey. "I believe in forgiveness and redemption, and I hope he'll redeem himself."

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