Rahm Emanuel Takes Part in Reading Program

The White House chief of staff reads Duck for President to a group of kids.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

For at least a little while today, nobody needed to wash Rahm Emanuel's mouth out with soap. The White House chief of staff, known for his fondness for a four-lettered vocabulary, kept it clean while reading Duck for President to a crop of youngsters at the Department of Education. "Have you seen the other one? Duck runs for Congress?" Emanuel, a former congressman himself, kidded, as the kids smiled and adults laughed. He then questioned the kiddies about what Duck's biggest decision would be once elected president of the farm. "Picking that chief of staff is tough, man, that's a big decision," he answered for them. "You can go real wrong."

Emanuel, appearing with White House Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, was taking part in the Department of Education's Read to the Top program, which has brought in an all-star Obama cast all summer long. "This reading is hard work," Emanuel, battling the heat on this particularly steamy D.C. day, told the kids.

See Emanuel read below:


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