Obamas Take Hands-on Approach with Bo

The whole family is taking care of the new pup.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

It's better than a dog's life for canines at the White House. The kibbles are fancy, the grass is fresh, and the squirrels are unsuspecting. And horticulturist Dale Haney, the official pet master, is always ready with a ball or a leash. But we hear that the Obamas are taking such a hands-on approach with first pup Bo that Haney, who's been on pet patrol since 1976, is missing his pet time. "He doesn't see Bo as much because the girls and Mrs. Obama, the whole family, is taking care of Bo, so Dale has been demoted a bit," says White House photo archivist Janet Philips. "He misses the dogs." It might also be that Bo doesn't need as much training or discipline as Bush's dogs. "The dog is really nice, and I'm not afraid he's going to bite me like Barney and Miss Beazley," says Philips.

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