Hispanic Stars Push 'Cash for Clunkers'

Hispanic stars, like Angélica Vale, are pushing "Cash for Clunkers."


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

First there was immigration reform. Then Latina Sonia Sotomayor was picked for the Supreme Court. Now Hispanic stars are pushing the "cash for clunkers" trade-in program. Bottom line: Hispanics are hot. Sean Wolfington, the organizer of CashForClunkersInformation.org, a nongovernment site, is focusing on that group because "a large number of clunkers are owned by Latinos." Mexican film and recording star Angélica Vale has joined Wolfington's effort to sell the American Dream. Since the program is designed to take polluters off the road, Vale says it's her "opportunity to save the world." And, she adds, "finally the consumer is getting a bailout" of up to $4,500 for a clunker when traded for a more fuel-efficient new car.

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