Colorado Senate Candidate Is Part Obama, Part Reagan

Ryan Frazier, a conservative African-American, is a new aspirant for Michael Bennet's Senate seat.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

We're hearing lots of buzz about another Republican who plans to challenge Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, named just this year to replace Ken Salazar, who was plucked from the Senate by President Obama to run the Interior Department. The word is that this potential candidate, Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier, is part Obama, part Reagan.

Frazier is an African-American, father of three, and board member of Engineers Without Borders, group that helps underdeveloped communities in Africa and South America. Friends say he has the focused passion for his ideas of an Obama. As a small-government, lower-taxes Republican who cofounded a charter school, he has the views of Reagan.

Brand new to the Senate race, Frazier is described as the challenger with a fiscally conservative moderate tone. But he's not well known, something his team tells us they are trying to change with a biographical video.

Look for Frazier and the other candidates to get lots of attention as the 2010 midterms near. Both the national Democratic and Republican parties have put Colorado on their best-bets-to-win lists and will very likely pour lots of money and celebrity endorsement in next year.

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