Axelrod Ends a Busy Day With Turkey Steak at Logan Tavern

Obama's adviser hit a hot spot in D.C.'s Logan Circle.


By Andrew Burt, Washington Whispers

Yesterday was a busy one for Obama adviser David Axelrod, so it's only fitting that he ended the day nestled in one of the city's hot spots with some healthful comfort food. Just hours after reading to school kids, Axe was seen in the up-and-coming Logan Circle section of the city, dining at the popular Logan Tavern. The restaurant is known for its wasabi meatloaf and portobello and tofu burritos. Axelrod chose a turkey steak, a house salad, and chardonnay. From the window of the tavern, it's not too hard to see a red and blue mural of Obama's face that overlooks an alley just across the street. Maybe Axelrod, comfortable under the eyes of his longtime friend and boss, will report good things back to the president, always on the lookout for a new date-night hot spot.

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