DeMint: Obama and Democrats Are Pushing Socialism

A Senate conservative has a new charge that the Democrats are building a socialist government.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, armed with his new book, Saving Freedom, and a Toby Keith-like song, is hitting the nation on a bus wrapped in patriotic colors to pitch his claim that the administration and congressional Democrats are pushing the nation into socialism.

"We've got to stop the slide to socialism," he tells Whispers. "Freedom is dissolving. We don't even teach what it is anymore."

Republican DeMint is a leading conservative in Washington, an outspoken critic of the recent wave of government bailouts and growing deficits. And his new book aims to highlight his concerns and ways to return to an era of less government and taxation. "We can build a big tent around this center pole of freedom," he says.

In his book, DeMint writes that citizen inaction and government are eroding freedom. He calls on Americans to become more involved, suggesting that they pick a handful of news sources to look at every day that will inform them of what's going on in Washington. Asked about his sources, DeMint named some of the leading conservative voices:,, and But as important, DeMint said, he scours E-mails sent to his office for news and views.

His book effort, along with his "Club 2010" re-election campaign, raises questions about the direction of the country and President Obama. "I fear for my country when I hear the president talk" about jobs and healthcare issues, he says.

Listen to the song here.

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