GOP Issues Road Map for Strikes at Obama, Democrats

The GOP will focus on jobs in an effort to grow its minority in the midterm elections.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Eager to build on the public's growing concern with President Obama's agenda, Republican strategists are reviewing several potential avenues for hitting the White House and possibly building their minority in the midterm elections. Among the topics that they are looking to capitalize on are the continued lack of job creation and potential for 10 percent unemployment, the surging cost estimates of the president's healthcare plan, and the public's worries about the government taking over huge chunks of private enterprise. Republicans believe that such an opening could give them a foothold into the newly emerging economic narrative that one official said casts Obama and the Democrats as ineffective and as pitting big government against small business at the expense of jobs. "With nearly a trillion dollars spent and nothing to show for it but mounting debt and a growing unemployment rate, Republicans can legitimately ask, 'Where are the jobs?' " said a congressional strategist. There is a long way to go until the 2010 midterm elections and things can turn on a dime, but you can expect to hear these themes repeated over the course of the summer by members of Congress and candidates traveling in districts across the country.

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