Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean Working on a Book

Carrie Prejean is shopping a book about her situation to publishers.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

We haven't heard the last of Carrie Prejean, the fired beauty queen, and not just because her lawyer is threatening a lawsuit against the Miss California USA pageant. Publishing sources say that she has begun shopping her story to publishers, and they tell Whispers that they are eager to cut a deal.

The book would likely tell her side of pageant life and what has happened since she backed traditional marriage over same-sex marriage in answering a question at the Miss USA pageant. The answer sent the liberal and gay community into a frenzy and, she says, ultimately cost her the Miss California crown. She has since become aligned with a pro-traditional marriage group, National Organization for Marriage.

A letter to Miss California USA officials this week protesting Prejean's firing offered some details of the book project, which her lawyer says was one of the reasons given for the beauty queen's dismissal. In the letter, the lawyer, Charles LiMandri, says that pageant producers, including Donald Trump, suggested that she write a book, thus making it an authorized project.

We hear that Prejean was in Washington this week shopping the idea. We also understand that she has not cut any deals yet with any publishers. Likely publishers here would include Regnery and Crown Publishing.

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