Conservatives: Liz Cheney Should Run for Office

Conservatives are cheering on a new Cheney: Daughter Liz, the national security maven.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The hottest Republican property out there isn't former Vice President Dick Cheney but his daughter Liz, who has taken to the airwaves to defend her dad and the whole Bush administration on national security and Guantánamo Bay issues. Liz Cheney, who followed the former veep's hard-hitting speech criticizing President Obama's policies with a CNN appearance, is becoming so popular in conservative circles that some want her to run for office. "She's awesome. Everyone wants her to run," said a close friend.

But others say that she is unlikely to run for office now because she is raising five young children, helping to write her father's book, and working on other major conservative projects. "She's a chip off the block!" said a longtime friend.

A forceful defender of the administration and her dad, Liz Cheney has been appearing on TV with greater regularity. She brings to the screen a combination of her dad's steely focus and her mom's softer touch. "It's a two-fer. She comes off a bit better than he does sometimes," a conservative consultant said.

Some supporters want her to continue in her role and suggested to Whispers a battle plan for the coming year:

"She could start with a major speech on national security," said one. "Heritage [the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank] could have her in for a big speech on national security. C-SPAN would cover it for sure." After that she could set up shop in one of the think tanks and build a base of support and knowledge that would put her in position to take a major position in a future Republican administration. She is a former Bush State Department aide, and some people are even suggesting that she consider doing more military policy so that she could take the policy under secretary's position in a Republican administration when her children are older. Clearly, those supporters are looking past a two-term Obama administration.

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