Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell Is Fired Up for Roadwork

The governor says more people need to lobby Congress for help fixing roads and bridges.

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By Amanda Ruggeri, Washington Whispers

His state is home to a turnpike famed for its potholes and construction zones, so Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is very passionate when it comes to getting help to fix roads and bridges. Now he's telling others to get fired up too and lobby Washington for more help. In town today to talk about the boring topic of infrastructure, Rendell says people need to get worked up about it and communicate that excitement to Congress and beyond. Transportation advocates, he says, should learn from their peers lobbying on education issues who come to Capitol Hill with "fire in their eyes." Speaking at an event organized by the Transportation for America coalition, Rendell said, "If we're going to get this done, we need the same kind of fervor." And with the highway bill coming up for reauthorization, he thinks that now is the time to kick that energy into high gear.

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