House, Senate in 'Freakout' Mode Over Swine Flu

A new memo that says the influenza strain has the potential to trigger a pandemic.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

House and Senate members and staffers, already worried about the government's overdrive campaign to raise awareness of the swine flu found around the globe, is in "freakout" mode over a new memo from the Capitol doctor that raises the threat of a pandemic. Calling the cases found in North America, particularly Mexico, and New Zealand a "concern," the attending physician's memo provided to Whispers says: "It is unknown if the current swine influenza strain could trigger a pandemic. However, the potential exists. . . ."Brian Monahan's memo provides links for staffers to find out more about the situation and advises those with flu symptoms to stay home. Referring to the memo, a top Senate aide said that the chamber is suffering a "freakout about the swine flu."

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