Obama Aide Melody Barnes on the Sex Talk

The White House domestic policy adviser admitted to reading Oprah's O magazine.

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By Deborah Kotz, Washington Whispers

At a lunch today sponsored by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, White House domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes revealed a few tidbits about herself. First, she disclosed that she's a reader of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine, having devoured a recent article on how few daughters really get the "sex" talk from their moms beyond the birds and bees mechanics of baby-making. "I was lucky," she added in a nod to her mother's broader sex talk with her. "My mom gave me all the information I needed about sex and making smart choices. I want to thank her for that."

There were fewer surprises when it came to White House priorities in terms of women's health. The administration is attempting to reach across the ideological divide and make nice with their enemies—especially those who want abortion banned. "These differences don't preclude us from finding common ground where we can all agree," said Barnes. Among the common-ground issues she cited: cutting the rate of unintended pregnancies; reducing the need for abortions; and supporting families who choose to have children or adopt.

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