Mika Brzezinski Vs. Tucker Carlson on Obama

The current and former TV hosts quarreled over the media's response to Obama.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

He's a former MSNBC host. She's a current MSNBC cohost of the popular program Morning Joe. So they both know a thing or two about journalism. And when Tucker Carlson criticized fellow TV reporters for being in the tank for Obama at a panel discussion at American University last night, Mika Brzezinski took him to task. "As far as [the media's] treatment of McCain, I'll say this," Carlson began. "On election night, there were a number of employees of news networks, NBC and others, who wept with joy when Obama was elected, which itself is a remarkable fact. Here's the more remarkable fact—they weren't scolded for it." When it was Brzezinski's turn, she was ready to pounce: "Tucker, I have a question: I'm sorry, do you think reporters you saw weeping were biased?" "I think they are lacking self-control," Carlson responded. "But that's different than biased," Brzezinski argued. The two quarreled a bit longer. "There has always been this pretense that a certain element of the news business pretends to be objective," Carlson pointed out. And Brzezinski put it simply: "Well, they need to stop it."

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