Advice for Obama From Helen Thomas

The veteran reporter says her favorite president was Kennedy.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

She may be known for asking presidents those probing and uncomfortable questions, but veteran reporter Helen Thomas is not a presidential hater. She tells Whispers that her favorite president was John F. Kennedy, who once, before he was POTUS, drove her home from an embassy party. "I thought he was very dull," she recalls she told a friend at the time. But she later changed her mind. "Famous last words," she says. Having covered every president since Kennedy, she's seen a lot, and she thinks that President Obama is truly trying his best. "He has a lot on his plate, there's no question," she says. Her advice to the prez: Think things through and go with your gut. "I think he's got a lot of advisers, but they're not necessarily any smarter than he is," she says. "He should just follow his own instincts and stick to them." But being Helen Thomas, who will mark 67 years in Washington this summer, she can't praise the president too much. "I think he doesn't walk on water," she says.

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