Democrats Gear Up to Sell Obama Agenda

The Democratic National Committee will use political campaign-style techniques to reach many Americans

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The Democratic National Committee is about to crank up the speakers. As part of its campaign to sell President Obama's agenda, DNC HQ will double the size of its communications and research operation to make sure that even tiny, local pro-Obama efforts, like the weekend nationwide neighborhood canvassing for the president's budget, get a voice and some press. "It's going to be like a general election for president," says Brad Woodhouse, the new DNC communications and research boss. That means rapid response, regional media help, and party bloggers. One reason for the expansion is to take advantage of the Obama campaign's E-mail list of 13 million. The Obama campaign arm, Organizing for America, is also being folded into the DNC. The party, says Woodhouse, "has never before been used to pass a president's agenda."

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