Iran on Path to Nuclear Weapons

Admiral Michael Mullen says he is "just a little skeptical" of Iran.

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By Andrew Burt , Washington Whispers

Not everybody's on board with President Obama's winking at Iran. Namely Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "I would love to see a positive outcome there," says Mullen. But he asks that we forgive him for remaining "just a little skeptical." Among his concerns is Iran's support for terrorist groups and "Americans who have died at their hands" in Iraq. In a talk this week with a group called Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, Mullen also sounded less optimistic on Iran's nuclear program. Intelligence boss Dennis Blair says Iran is not moving to making a bomb, but Mullen says, "I believe that Iran is on a path to developing nuclear weapons. And we can debate a timeline, but it's very clear to me that that's their path, that's what their leadership is about."