Rush Limbaugh for President? You're Betting on It

After ratings surge prompted by his fight with GOP boss Steele, some lay odds on a Rush run for office.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Smart thinkers and even his friends don't think Rush Limbaugh's recent surge in attention beyond his base will swell his head up enough to lead to a presidential bid. But that's not stopping bet makers from banking on a political future. We talked with, which found that there is tremendous interest in Rush running for something after his recent dust-ups with President Obama and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Here are the current odds:

—A run for the White House: A yes by Rush pays 6 to 1.

— A run for the House of Representatives: A yes pays 1.75 to 1.

— A House victory: A yes pays 3 to 1.

Our bet: No. Why give up the audience, money, and weekends off? did a similar poll for Joe the Plumber, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, and found betting support for him to run for president.

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