Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Chief Newspaper Stealer

Stanley Greenberg says Emanuel steals his papers.

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By Andrew Burt, Washington Whispers

When former Rep. Rahm Emanuel was picked as White House chief of staff, few cheered louder than influential Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg. And not just because his roomie has President Obama's ear. No, Greenberg is also happy that he will get his newspapers back. "He absolutely steals my newspapers. There isn't any question. It's one of the points of contention," Greenberg tells Whispers. When in town—and that's pretty much always now—Emanuel lives in the basement of the home owned by Greenberg and wife, Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro. Greenberg says that for Emanuel, being glued to the White House and less free to return to his family in Chicago was "one of the things he struggled with in taking the position of chief of staff." But on the positive side, he adds, the White House provides Emanuel with his own papers. "The White House is much better on him having his newspaper, so on the newspaper issue, there's less contention."

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