Howard Dean Says Terry McAuliffe Has a Chance to Be Virginia Governor

Ex-Democratic Party boss Howard Dean likes Terry McAuliffe's chances in the Virginia governor's race.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Just retired Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor, says that former party boss Terry McAuliffe has a good chance to win his Virginia gubernatorial race. "I think he's got a better chance than most people think," says Dean, a popular former governor who served as the party chief for four years. Dean is not picking favorites, however, praising the other Democrats in the Virginia primary. "There's good competition," he says. "There are three great candidates. I like all of those candidates. And it's a great race, and they all have good attributes, so it will be real interesting to see what happens." Dean would not say if he has given any advice to McAuliffe, whom he followed into the party chairman's job. The Rasmussen poll says that McAuliffe stands just a good a chance at winning as his two competitors.

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