Sean Connery, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Webb: Proud Scots

The Friends of Scotland Caucus has 30 senators on board.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

Sure, it was Barack Obama's big night, but before the president arrived on the Hill, members and staffers were all aflutter over another special guest—actor Sean Connery. Connery was in town yesterday, along with Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, to cheer the formation of the Senate Friends of Scotland Caucus. So what's this caucus all about? "Golfing, drinking, eating, and world peace—in that order," Sen. Lindsey Graham told Whispers. Graham waited patiently in line with many other members of Congress to snap a picture with the Hollywood legend, who gave only brief remarks. While in line, he told us his favorite Connery flick was The Untouchables . "I like that, and I like the James Bond movies, but it would be boring to say that," he explained.

Actor Sean Connery with Sen. Lindsey Graham

Along with Graham, Sens. Jim Webb and Lamar Alexander were responsible for forming the caucus, bringing a total of 30 senators on board. "Jim Webb is the kind of guy that when he tells you there is good whisky, you show up," Sen. Claire McCaskill told those attending the reception at the Library of Congress.

When Webb introduced Connery, he tried to one-up the actor: "I was reading your biography, and it said that you had two tattoos, one of which says, 'Scotland forever,' " Webb said. "My son and I are probably the only people in the room who have more tattoos than you do," Webb revealed. Apparently, the senator has a total of three, including one he and his son both have: a Scottish lion and a shamrock to showcase their Scotch-Irish heritage.