Welcome to Capitol Bobbles, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin

Our Capitol Bobbles family grows to include bobblehead dolls of Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The election may be over, but our Capitol Bobbles keep bobbing along. Our partners at WeBobble.com have just delivered some brand-new members of our Capitol Bobbles family and promise even more to come.

First up: a new President Obama with his wife, Michelle. Also: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. They join the 19 other bobbleheads made by WeBobble.com for Washington Whispers during the 2008 presidential campaign. We use them for our weekly Capitol Bobble poll.

Jeff Wolsky, CEO of HD Design Center, the parent of WeBobble.com, says that the old bobblehead dolls sold out after hitting the Whispers website and that he's working to build on the current collection. Wolsky says that he will soon be releasing a Barack Obama in a basketball uniform, a bow to the president's favorite sport. And Wolsky also will have a piggy bank in the shape of the Lincoln Memorial with Obama's head on it.

For those with less space, WeBobble has produced a mini-Barack "monitor mate" that sticks on computer monitors or wherever else folks need a little inspiration, says Wolsky.

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