House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a 'Star Wars' Fan

Pelosi is a queen among George Lucas fans. She's seen the Star Wars movies more than 100 times.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

It turns out that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a Star Wars buff. Pelosi presented the Lincoln Medal to Star Wars director George Lucas at last night's Ford's Theatre re-opening and told Whispers that she loves his work. "Oh yes, I'm a big fan of Star Wars," she said. "My five children, my husband, and I have seen the Star Wars movies over 100 times—we just couldn't get enough of it." Pelosi gushed about the director, who won the Lincoln Medal at the star-studded event attended by everyone from the Obamas to actors James Earl Jones and Sidney Poitier and even former cabinet pick Tom Daschle. "Every time George Lucas comes to Capitol Hill, it's so thrilling," Pelosi said. "He's my constituent, you see, and he's my friend."

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