For New Fox Anchor Bret Baier, It's Still About His Boy

When Baier's son was undergoing multiple heart surgeries, it wasn't just Fox folks who were there.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

It wasn't just the Fox News folks who were there for Special Report's new anchor, Bret Baier, when his newborn son was undergoing multiple heart surgeries. It was his competitors, too. "David Gregory wrote a nice note," Baier tells Whispers. And NBC's Norah O'Donnell and CNN's Ed Henry also checked in. Paul Baier, now 19 months old, was born with five major problems with his heart and almost didn't make it. At the time, Baier was Fox News's chief White House correspondent and frequently received calls and E-mails of support from President Bush and other well-wishers. "Tony [Snow] E-mailed almost every day. The first call I got was from Brit Hume, and he checked in all the time, and my big boss, Roger Ailes, called in a lot," Baier says.

And when Entertainment Tonight filmed a segment at Baier's Georgetown apartment this morning, the focus wasn't the recent Brit-for-Bret swap on Fox. It was on little Paul. He was a tad camera shy at first, which is unusual, say Bret and his wife, Amy. "He's definitely a ham. He likes to talk and entertain," Bret Baier says. But living with a busy newsman-dad might not be enough to push Paul into TV. "I imagine he might want to be a doctor after all the things he's been through," Baier says.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from today's ET shoot:

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