The Details Of Obama's Footwork on Inauguration Day

Photos from the inaugural podium show just how well scripted the new president's big day was.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

It's no secret that the presidential inauguration, the swearing-in and parade, are very well-staged events. But we have new pictures that show the planning included where Barack Obama was to put his left and right toes behind the podium. In these pictures, you can see the exact place Obama stood on the podium.

The marks, which show were he was to fit his left and right shoe tips between the heating vents, were presumably made by the construction crew so that they knew exactly where to put the podium and chairs before laying down the carpet. In the half circles are written "L. Toe" "R. Toe." There were similar marks for where Chief Justice John Roberts stood.

Typically, cards are put on the ground at presidential events to note where people are to stand. But the swearing-in was a complicated affair, with several people standing in different areas during the events. So the preparation had to include the seating arrangement and podium placement for Obama and his family.

They even taped in the path from Obama's seat to where he spoke at the podium. "I had no idea these events were so well choreographed," said our tipster, who snapped these pictures and the video below.

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