GOP Women Aren't Ogres, Says Former Bush Press Secretary Perino

After her vacation, Dana Perino might write a book on how Republican women are misunderstood.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino is toying with writing a post-White House book on Republican women and how they are misunderstood and maligned by the media and critics. Vowing never to write a tell-all or other book critical of her colleagues, Perino says that if she did put pen to paper, she instead wants to describe how she views Republican women: warm, smart, and nurturing. "Republican women are misunderstood, miscast, and ridiculed," she says.

She says that the public has the wrong image, partly because of GOP media stars like Ann Coulter, and because the elites in Hollywood have disrespected Republican women. Referring to Coulter, she said, "She doesn't represent Republican women." Perino says by contrast that GOP women are more like first lady Laura Bush where "grace and dignity" rule. She also says that it was unfair for the elites to attack former GOP vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin, citing in particular the attacks from Hollywood women. "I don't know why women treat each other like that."

Perino has not committed to writing a book, but if she did, this would be her topic. For the next six weeks, however, her focus will be traveling with her husband as she decompresses after giving 145 press briefings during her time in the White House.

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