Telling Tales From President Obama's High School Days

Obama's classmates talk about his passion for basketball, as well as his early frustrations with girls.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers

While the most famous graduate of Punahou School didn't show up to last night's Hawaii State Society inaugural ball, plenty of President Obama's former classmates were there, dishing on "Barry's" high school days. "He was a jock, and he was in love with basketball and was probably trying to figure out why he wasn't getting more playing time," classmate Ronald Loui tells us. Loui and Obama were in the fifth grade together and both graduated from the prestigious Hawaiian private school in 1979.

A band plays at the Hawaii State Society's inaugural ball.

Back then, says Loui, Obama wasn't as much of a scholar and was frustrated with girls. "He complained that he couldn't get dates," Loui says. But in Obama's defense, there wasn't a lot of dating going on at their school, Loui adds. We're told that some of Obama's close friends were contacted and asked to keep tight-lipped about their schoolmate during the campaign, but now that he's the sitting president, they're opening up again.