Haitian Songster Wyclef Jean's Impromptu Bush-Obama Tune

The lyrics to Wyclef Jean's performance at the green inaugural ball.

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By Maura Judkis, Washington Whispers

We're still trying to catch up with all of the inauguration events over the past week, and this one we didn't want to pass up. We attended the first green inaugural ball where Haitian artist Wyclef Jean performed, displaying his trademark onstage antics and singing an impromptu tune about former President Bush, District Mayor Adrian Fenty, and new President Obama. Luckily, we were able to get the lyrics:

I met the mayor of D.C./

I said, "Man, you look so young"/
you got the White House/
five miles later, you got the crack house/
Now, D.C. don't got to worry/
'cause you got Barack Obama/
George Bush/
If there's one good thing I can say about George Bush before he leaves/
He's probably watching this right now/
I wanna thank you for giving John Forte a pardon/
But Tuesday, pack your bags/
You gotta leave/
Thank you, but no thank you/
Obama's in the White House. John Forte, recently pardoned for drug-trafficking charges, is Wyclef's former producer for the Fugees.