Obama Action Hero: Even Michelle Has One

The guy who brought us the Barack Obama action figure has gone disco with his newest Obama doll

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Barack Obama is becoming like Christmas to a whole slew of trinket makers. The latest: the Obama action figure from Jailbreak Toys. Coming on the heels of its popular Obama action figure are two new dolls—a HOPE action figure colored like the famous Shepard Fairey poster and a presidential disco-style Obama dolled up in a gold suit.

Jailbreak Toys

Firm founder Jason Feinberg tells us that he was an early Obama supporter and first built an action doll of the Democratic candidate for sale before the nominating convention last summer in Denver. He ended up selling 10,000 of his original dolls. And when a friend tried to give one to Obama's wife, Michelle, he says she responded: "Thanks. We already have one."

Our Suzi Parker asked why one of the new dolls is dressed in gold. She reports:

Jason Feinberg is apparently a mover and shaker in the New York City hipster art scene. The gold suit on the Obama was chosen for two reasons. First, Feinberg hosted a very successful exhibit called Art+Action=Obama on October 17 at a New York gallery. He gave top, contemporary artists a blank (white) Obama figure and asked them to paint and design them in a way that represented the artist's feelings about Obama. Many had gold tones, which he felt spoke to the standard Obama would set. Feinberg's line of thinking was that Obama was all things "golden"—the gold standard, the golden child, good as gold, etc.