Obama's Favorite: Barack Forest Tea

Honest Tea renamed some of its Black Forest Berry tea for Obama.

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By Nikki Schwab, Washington Whispers.

If daughters Sasha and Malia are anything like their dad, they'll be happy to know that Honest Tea, Barack Obama's fave beverage, is available at their new school, Washington's Sidwell Friends. "Sidwell is the only school I know of that has an Honest Tea vending machine at it, and this was before the Obamas decided to go there," Honest Tea cofounder Seth Goldman says.

Obama is a fan of the teamaker's Black Forest Berry. "During the campaign when Obama was traveling to all these different states, sometimes his campaign would call us in advance and say, 'He's going to Jackson, Miss. Where do we go and find Honest Tea?'" says Goldman. As a reward for his brand loyalty, the company is renaming a few cases of Obama's favorite as "Barack Forest Berry."