President-Elect Obama Considering Doug Kmiec for Vatican Ambassador

If he chooses someone who didn't support his campaign it would please the Vatican.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers.

Here's a question being asked in Catholic circles: Should President-elect Barack Obama name an ambassador to the Holy See who didn't support his candidacy? If Obama wants to make the Vatican happy, he might, since he's pro-choice and anyone who endorsed him could be viewed as backing his position on abortion. It's an issue because Obama is said to be considering Doug Kmiec, a prominent conservative Catholic who endorsed Obama in the election, angering fellow conservative Catholics. A priest even refused Kmiec Communion because of his support for Obama. The debate will most likely continue for a while, since Obama is still filling out his cabinet. But if Kmiec is chosen, there is a winner in the Catholic world: the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a pro-religion legal defense firm. Kmiec is a board member, as was the current ambassador, Mary Ann Glendon.