Help Design a New Bobble for President-Elect Obama

It's time to make a new bobblehead doll for Obama.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers.

Hopefully, by now you've noticed that Whispers gets its jollies playing with dolls: actually, bobblehead dolls. To the right, we run regular polls with our dolls made for us at the beginning of the presidential campaign by Well, now and its parent company, HD Design Center LLC, want your help in designing the President Obama bobblehead doll. Let us know your likes in the comments section. We'll even run a poll later.

Here are some choices:

—Obama, in a suit and tie, flashing the "Yes, We Can" thumbs up.

—Obama in workout trousers and shirt with a basketball
—Obama dressed as Abraham Lincoln
—Obama more casual in khakis and white shirt Our friends say it won't end there. We're anticipating their production of a Michele Obama doll and one of the first family's new dog. And a Sarah Palin doll is on the way, too.