Gov. Hunt Suggests Colin Powell for Education Secretary

North Carolina's Hunt doesn't want to be Obama's education secretary. Instead, he's endorsing Powell.

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He's listed as a top choice for the next education secretary on the transition flowchart given to Whispers, but former North Carolina Gov. James Hunt is a big fan of the man listed as the No. 1 choice—Colin Powell. "He would be wonderful," Hunt gushes. "Colin Powell is one of the most highly respected and admired men in America." Hunt says he knows personally that the former military man and secretary of state cares deeply about children and would want to do "big and bold things" when it comes to education. "I want to work with anybody who is appointed, but in particular I would want to work with him," Hunt adds. Powell, of course, is on the education short list because of all of his work with kids through his America's Promise Alliance.

Hunt hinted that a governor would do a first-rate job too. "There are a lot of good candidates," he says. As for his own prospects of getting offered the post, he demurred. "I don't want to move to Washington, D.C.," he tells Whispers. He'd much rather help President-elect Barack Obama with education policy from the comforts of his farm in North Carolina. And visit Washington often.

—Nikki Schwab