Barack Obama: Healthful Eater in Chief

During the campaign Obama watched his diet even more.

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He's already a health advocate, but during the campaign, President-elect Obama seemed to become much more conscious of his diet. Satinder Palta, general manager of the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel, where Obama would stay on quick visits to Washington, reveals that when the Democrat made the first of his overnights, he chowed down. "I've seen him eat almost anything," says Palta.


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But in a signal the White House chef better pay attention to, he's gone healthy. "The last time he was here," says Palta, "he had a club sandwich, no bacon, no mayo." And just before that, he dined on two plain chicken breasts, stemmed Broccolini, and dry basmati rice. What's more, Obama found time to hike down the street to the YMCA to shoot some hoops.