Obama Dog Gets Milk-Bones for Life

The first puppy will have dog biscuits for life.

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President-elect Barack Obama hasn't even gone to the pound to get his long-promised puppy for daughters Sasha and Malia, but when it arrives, there will be a present awaiting the fur ball. Milk-Bone tells us that it will provide a lifetime supply of the doggie treat to the new first family. Why? Well, says the firm celebrating its 100th anniversary, "to welcome the first pup to the White House." The firm adds in a release to us: "Milk-Bone, the iconic pet snack brand that is celebrating its 100th anniversary by recognizing Milk-Bone Moments, wishes to congratulate the new first family on the historic moment that occurred Tuesday night and their commitment to future pet parenthood by offering to supply the family with a LIFETIME supply of Milk-Bone dog biscuits. The Milk-Bone brand takes an oath to keep the presidential pooch-elect stocked with as many dog biscuits as he or she could wish for!"