Party, Party, Party! Election Night in Video

We spent the night hopping from party to party in D.C.

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We sent our Whispers reporter, Nikki Schwab, to the big political parties last night, and here's what she brought back. Nikki voyaged out to the Mayflower Hotel for the Democratic National Committee's shindig and then headed to the Capital Hilton, where the Republican National Committee was having a very different kind of night. She also attended the joint party for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that took place on Capitol Hill, where an excited Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer , and other important congressional Dems took the stage and congratulated the crowd on the winning House and Senate races minutes before Obama was announced the winner of the White House.

There was a variety of election-themed food and drink all over Washington, D.C., including cocktails at the Mayflower Hotel. Bartender Sambonn Lek, or simply "Sam" as he's known all over the city, made several unique martinis inspired by the political parties and the candidates. Here he showed us two that have been popular throughout election season—the red elephant and the blue donkey.

-Nikki Schwab