Obama Eyes Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry for Cabinet Positions

If victorious, Obama plans to quickly name his chief of staff, secretary of state, and treasury boss.

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Should Sen. Barack Obama win the presidency tonight, plans are for his campaign to quickly start filling top jobs in the White House and cabinet. Leading the list for White House chief of staff is Chicago Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Obama's biggest House cheerleader and a former top aide in the Clinton White House. His appointment, say Democratic insiders, could come as early as Wednesday. Also, Obama is considering Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 presidential runner-up, as secretary of state, according to sources. That could change, however, if Obama running mate Joe Biden has questions about it. Obama would also like to pick a treasury secretary. Those choices would provide an anchor for his new administration to build around. "Obama knows he needs to move quickly, but he isn't going to be rushed into anything," says a key Democratic source.