Election Day: Your Vote for McCain or Obama in Pictures

Starting before 6 a.m., voters have been E-mailing in their pictures of the long voting lines.

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Readers are responding to our request for pictures of their long voting lines and victory parties.

Our first comes from our Debra Bell, who snapped this shot at 6:55 a.m. in Crystal City, Va.

From U.S. News Opinion Editor Robert Schlesinger in Alexandria, Va.

From a Montgomery, Md., voter who waited 45 minutes in line

A young boy speaks with a poll worker as his mother votes in Lindenhurst, N.Y. From reader Bob Klein

Our Anthony Calabrese snapped this picture at the Metropolitan AME Church on M Street in Washington.

Reader Debra Alder sent this picture in of a polling place in Silver Spring, Md.

Here's my voting place in Philomont, Va., where they clear out the fire hall to make space. Only when I went, it was empty, making me first in line.