Picture It Over: Election Day in Photos

The end of the election is finally here, so let's celebrate with pictures of poll lines and victory parties.

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The end of the election is finally here, and now it's your turn to capture it in pictures. As you wait in lines outside polling offices on Tuesday, pull out your camera or camera phone and snap a picture. Ditto for victory or defeat parties. Try to get some signs or colorful stuff in the shot and make sure to include the location in a note to us. It looks like it'll be one for the history books tomorrow, so why not capture it digitally? Whispers will post the best. Send yours directly to me at pbedard@usnews.com.

We use the above picture to end our campaign coverage. It was taken along Highway 90 near Bonifay, Fla., by longtime Whispers friend Steve Moline, who is biking across the country in a bid to raise money for the families of troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the head of the Captain Garrett T. Lawton Foundation, created to honor his friend who died when his Humvee struck an IED in Afghanistan in August. His goal is to raise money for families of soldiers killed in action to get legal and financial advice as well as grief counseling and even college assistance. "This is not a handout," he said. "This is a lift-up to help families like Garrett's."